• Greg Selfridge
    First Capital Realty knows how to close a deal. Their attention to detail and constant communication ensured a smooth transaction. Jeff is a real pro and I will definitely be using him when the time comes to sell.
    Greg Selfridge
    Principal, NOVO Development
  • Eve N. Shavatt, CPM
    First Capital Realty is the epitome of sales professionalism in the multifamily industry. Best in class does not begin to describe their work ethic and quality standards. The sales results we have achieved in record quick timelines by using their expertise, finely honed processes and national contacts have exceeded our expections. Their presentations and knowledge of the markets and business in general have served to impress even our toughest Wealth Management clients.
    Eve N. Shavatt, CPM
    PNC Realty Services


West Village


Vantage at Merrifield Town Center


Piedmont at Ivy Mount


Ashford at Woodlake